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Year-round Outdoor Recreation. Salmon River country has it all—every outdoor activity you can imagine. The area’s teeming wildlife populations give pleasure to outdoor enthusiasts whether they hunt, take pictures or just look. The Eye of Idaho produces trophy elk, mule deer, whitetail, moose, cougar, bear, coyote and more.
The Salmon River, undammed for its entire length, is one of the finest steelhead streams anywhere, also producing trout, bass and sturgeon. Other outstanding rivers such as the Snake, Clearwater, Lochsa and Selway are within an hour drive. Smaller streams and lakes boast productive fisheries as well.
Idaho’s wild turkey population in general has enjoyed amazing success and is still expanding. Salmon River country and Camas Prairie contain especially bountiful habitats and the populations show it. This year, both fall and spring turkey hunts are being offered.
In the mixed vegetation of lower elevations, pheasant and quail abound. Chukar and gray partridge dominate the steep grassy/rocky canyon slopes. And local timbered habitats produce several species of grouse.

The area contains a wide variety of raptors including golden eagles, osprey and many hawks. Bald eagles winter here, often seen perching, fishing or catching a thermal. In a habitat sharing scheme, they arrive just as the ospreys leave for their own wintering grounds along the coast of southern California and Baha.

Deer populations are another success story in the Eye of Idaho. Whitetail are everywhere. When you see them, however, sometimes all you see is an arrogant white flag waving bye-bye.

Area rivers produce plenty of whitewater for rafting and kayaking. You will find three ski areas and three golf courses within an hour drive of White Bird. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and millions of acres of other public lands are only minutes away. Opportunities for 4-wheeling and snowmobiling seem endless. The Gospel Hump, Selway-Bitterroot and Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Areas offer nearby primitive settings for fishing, hunting and hiking in true solitude.

Plenty of Other Things to See and Do. The geology, geography, biology and history of the Eye of Idaho are fascinating. Jetboat race at White BirdCheck out White Bird Battlefield, Seven Devils, Gospel Hump, Pittsburg Landing, Joseph and Doumecq Plains, Florence and other gold towns, Red River Hot Springs, and other famous nearby rivers like the Clearwater, Selway and Lochsa. Throughout the year, area towns host rodeos and other outdoor events to captivate the interest of locals and visitors alike. White Bird’s annual jet boat race is just one example.